At Bethel, we believe that God has uniquely called & equipped his church to present & live the Gospel. We desire to truly be a church passionately committed to Christ, His Cause, and His Community. With a growing intensity and zeal for the lost and hurting world, Bethel is looking for ways to build bridges in our society.

We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey, and are continually seeking the Lord for His strategy in how to carry that out. We recognize that it is He who truly builds His Church. We are real people transformed with life changing faith. We are committed to a common vision, and joined together in the covenant of love. We have experienced brokenness and are grateful for undeserved redemption, we are humbled by His amazing Grace, we value the healing that comes through forgiveness, and are utterly amazed at the divine invitation to be included in the greatest cause on earth. We have big dreams. Those dreams are nations. We are a people who are not afraid to put our hands are in the dirt, we count it a privilege to be a part of God restoring broken lives, like families, communities, and nations. We serve an amzing God. The nations are His dwelling and our lives are His vessels. We long to minister to those in whom He loves, and cares for so deeply. We pray for a compassion for the poor & long to be generous for His purposes. We are not a perfect church, but we love and serve a perfect God. Our desire is to honour Him & please Him with our lives. We recognize the greatest pursuit of our lives is the pursuit of knowing Him intimately & that is the heart of who we are. We long to be true lovers of God.


Change lives, transform communities and renew the church.

Our desire is to be a church that characterizes the same passion that caused the early church of the book of Acts to grow & persevere under trial.
We desire to be a group of believers who are growing, changing, and thriving in the things of God. We want to be willing to risk it all to impact the lives of those he has called us to. It is our heart to be a house of healing. We long to be a place where broken lives are healed and restored. Where people from all places of life can come and find true life & hope. To be passionate worshippers of God. To be those who worship in Spirit and in Truth. To enter daily into deeper fellowship with Him & to learn what real worship is, as He sees it.

Our desire is to be a house where hungry people are safe to learn more about God, to grow in the Truth as they pursue the Presence of God. To become all that God desires for them to be. We long to be a church whose presence makes a difference in its community. To be breathing life and hope into our surroundings & for the entire area to be blessed because the presence of the Lord abides.

At Bethel we want to be a people who are reaching, teaching, and sending. We long to be obedient to the Great Commission and make disciples.We want to love God, love one another & demonstrate that we are truly believers by our love.We truly want to be a church who enjoys doing life together, where we expeience true fellowship as God intended it, which is far more than doing a Sunday Service. We desire to stand with one another through the seasons of life and pursue the reality of His Presence together.


We value the pursuit of knowing Him. Holding on to His Word as the absolute Truth. Seeking Him first, and desiring that all true ministry flow from intimacy with Him.

We believe in the ministry of the towel and basin. We seek to have a heart that will serve in whatever place He chooses to place us.

We value the body of Christ & seek to develop the community & be family that He has called us to. We value people & desire to equip & empower them to become all that He as declared for them to be.

We value integrity & a Christ-like character. We seek to be more like Him and to make Him known.