Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are called, “The land of the Blessed”. We have grown to understand why this is so. For each of us who have had the privilege of being a part of what God is doing in this beautiful nation, we have been recipients of that blessing.
Bethel has been entrusted with a very precious gift. This gift has not come without challenge and opposition but we have come to recognize all the more how we must cherish and value this gift.
The privilege we have been given in the nation of Saint Vincent is simply miraculous. The Lord paved the way over 10 years ago for us to partner with Seeds International to go simply with a team into this nation and present a discipleship program to the grade 4 students. What has happened since that time is much bigger than we could ever have anticipated.
Since that first trip, God called Bethel to partner with the government of Saint Vincent in a 10 year commitment to stand with them, as they embrace the opportunity to see their students discipled and trained in the message of the Gospel. As we have stood, God has just continued to amaze us and to reveal how He is doing something in this small little nation that will astound the mighty’s of the earth.
Bethel does not take its responsibility lightly. We embrace the call we have received and are humbled with such a privilege. We seek to lift up Jesus and to let His heart lead us each step as we continue to love this blessed land that He has called us to.
We have completed our 10 year commitment, but we continue to stand with this nation, taking one year at a time, and believing that we are in the Divine moments of God.

Here is a link to the site detailing the schools we present our program in.