Our heart is never satisfied when we look at the need in Haiti. We know we have a call to make a difference and we are attempting to do so.
Our missionaries are living and serving in this beautiful but broken country and they need so much. Bethel is faithfully supporting the work in Haiti through the ministry of the Charbonneau’s. We recognize that we only play a small role in the immense need within that country, but we are linking arms with many others and believing that every seed we plant is making a difference.
The poverty is overwhelming, the disease is rampant, the heartbreak and loss continues to rise. If we merely look at the natural statistics we could become discouraged, but we aren’t looking only at the natural. We believe that every cup of cold water offered in the name of the Father is bringing life and bringing hope.
This is why we believe in the work that Michel and Louise Charbonneau are doing. They are loving broken lives. They are feeding hungry bellies, they are offering a drink in the name of love. They are sharing the passion of Jesus and rebuilding broken lives. We partner with them and in doing so, we take part in the work of God in that nation.
We long to see Haiti rise up from the ashes and become a testimony of Jesus in the earth.
Bethel believes in the work of those we support in Haiti and will continue to stand with them to see the message of Jesus proclaimed.