Day 2 – Psalms 69:30-31

“I want to praise the name of God with a song. I want to praise its greatness with a song of thanksgiving. This will please the Lord more than sacrificing an ox or a bull with horns and hoofs.” Psalm 69:30-31 God’s Word Translation

A few verses before this we have David presenting a picture of despair. He puts out a desperate cry, a man unjustly accused, humiliated, and forced to wait for God’s intervention. He releases a strong cry for help. It almost speaks of bitterness. Yet, when his heart transitions to declaring who God is and what God deserves, the remainder of the psalm is about God’s majesty and glory. How much of our agony is because we are focusing on the wrong thing?
In the midst of personal afflictions, the only thing to do is to keep committing our hearts to God. We need to not be focusing on the size of our enemy, but on the magnificence of our God. He will bring us out. David is a reminder of this present truth.

He goes from a place of desperation to a place of exultation in a very brief moment of time.
There are two things that spoke directly to my heart in these verses. First, He vows a song to God while still in the furnace. He did not wait for his circumstances to change in order to burst into declaration of who God is. He did not wait for a better opportunity, or until he felt like it. In the midst of his pain, he offered praise. He vowed a song in the fire. Can I do that?
Secondly, He magnified God with an “offering” of thanksgiving. We think we have to always feel thankful to be thankful. This is not the truth. When I offer to God that which cost me something, He receives my offering. David’s offering of thanksgiving in the midst of the fire was such an offering. It was a sacrifice of his flesh and feelings. It was to let go of self in order to promote and honour his Saviour and Deliverer. Do I do that?
We often bring material offerings to God when we think it has some value, but God does not want material things, He wants our spiritual offerings. The sacrifices of ordination are not to be compared to the sacrifice of a grateful heart. God wants us to be able to see who He is in the furnace and declare that while still in the heat. True thankfulness doesn’t come only when we have a tangible reason to be thankful, but when we have enough confidence in God that we can declare His goodness and offer in brokenness true gratitude unto the honor of His name.

Today, I am thankful that He receives my offerings as small as they are when expressed with gratefulness towards Him. I choose to not wait for a perfect time to honour Him. Or until my feelings line up with truth, but to find tangible ways to maintain a grateful heart, even in the fire.


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    Susan Craig says:

    I have a houseful of sick people in it right now, but I am trying to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness no matter what my circumstances are-this does not come naturally to me when I feel miserable and my body is crying out with pain and weakness. But I must praise God for giving me the ability to buy medicine to help us all get better and for all the other ways He has blessed me today. I have a warm dry house to live in,a bed to sleep in,a family to love and care for,food in my fridge and cupboards and most of all ,the presence of God in the middle of it all. This is much more than many others in this world have and I must never lose sight of the daily blessings and provisions that I often take for granted when all is well. Thank you Lord for illness that has caused me to trust in Your ability to provide for and comfort me when I am weak. Thank You for your strength when my own is faltering. Mostly I thank you for your presence in my life everyday-not just the good days!!

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    Rhonda Fralic (Fanning) says:

    I know from my own personal experiences in life, that nothing could be more true. It’s easy to Praise Him in the good times; but, can we praise Him in the fire.
    Personally, I have grown so much more in the trials and tribulations in my life, than on the mountaintop.
    Right now, I am down with a broken ankle for 6 weeks; but, in this time, I find I spend so much more time just sitting in His presence and seeing Him in every moment of every day….His grace, His mercy, His provision, His beauty and that no matter what my needs, He DOES provide. We need to learn to stand on His promises and then testify that they are true….I have been through the fire; and, altough refining and testing is difficult, I have really came to know who He is and that every promise He is given, is absolute truth…..

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    Pat McRae says:

    These are such great verses for me today! Our service this morning was a praise and worship service. People were saved and set free, what could be better! A party on earth and a party in heaven. During praise and worship God showed up to the point that some people smelled His sweet perfume.
    For me He took me to a new place in praise and worship. One of His daughters that can only make a joyful noise unto Him. In this place I witnessed the high praises of the saints and it was beautiful. I totally believe we touch the heart of God when we come into His courts with thanksgiving in our hearts and praises on our lips.
    Today my heart is so full of thanksgiving and praise I do not know which ones to list. I guess I am most thankful for the fact that the Almighty God, awesome in all His ways, creator of the universe would stoop down, take His daughter’s hand and take her to such a special place. Can I describe or explain this place or put into words my experience so it could make sense to anyone? NO! All I know is I wanted to stay there, where my voice blended in high praise to King of kings and the Lord of lords. I know the best the world has to offer and the best the church has to offer does not come close to what I experienced this morning. My heart still soars and my tears flow as I remember the love and feelings my being cherished, so special to Him in those few minutes. I am so thankful Jesus made a way where there was no way for me to have such a relationship. A Daddy, daughter relationship based on love, His wonderful love for me.
    Sorry to hear about sick bodies and broken ankle, but so glad to hear the praise in such times. Be blessed as you praise His Holy Name!

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    Sue Holmes says:

    Thanksgiving in the midst of despair. A beautiful concept that flies in the face of how we have been conditioned by society from day 1. Despair can present itself so in such a different manner for each of us. It is the hopelessness we feel when we see our hopes, dreams and future fall crashing around us. It can be what is left behind after immense loss.
    But despair has an enemy. This enemy is called Hope. We know we can rely on Hope because of relationship.
    That is what David had … a relationship with Hope. He cultivated this relationship in the field while sitting with the sheep. He cultivated it while pacifying the mood swings of the king he was destined to replace. He cultivated it when sitting on the throne in Jerusalem. David knew the heart of Hope … he knew & had his Father’s heart.
    This is why David could raise a song of thanksgiving in the midst of his despair. David experienced a living and real relationship with God. David was able to offer thanksgiving to his ever loving and ever faithful Father because David had placed his life in the Father’s hands before and he knew the outcome. And this is something that is available to each of us.
    I have to ask myself if I truly place value on my relationship with my Father. Although I have allowed it to wane at times my answer is a resounding yes. He has been faithful. He is faithful. He will always be faithful. Time after time He has been my Defender, my Rescuer, my Saviour, my Hope. How can I not give thanks unless I lose sight of who He is/has been and will be. To lose sight of Hope is despair. To focus my thoughts on Hope, whether I feel like it or not, is nothing short of what He deserves. It is what brings Him joy. It is a sign of my faith in His faithfulness.
    Tonight, in the midst of present battles and looking back over the past few battles I offer my song of thanksgiving. I thank You Father for being my Healer and the Healer of those close to me. I thank You Father for being my Assurance of better times. I thank You for the pure pleasure of Your presence. I thank You Father for placing me among such an amazing group of people who You delight to call Your children … Yours and my Family. I thank You for Jesus. I thank You that I can co-labour with Him. Thank You Father that you have never left me alone.

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    Jim Holmes says:

    The Name of the Lord is the Name above every name….the Name of a Person so indescribable… He is glorious…. and when I read what you have written above…I behold the beauty of the Lord….I see Him at work….I see Jesus in you….His Father expressed in His Son in you. Your song becomes my song as i rejoice with you, and I give thanks for you. I see in you the glory of my King.

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