Day 31 – Psalm 36:7-9

“How precious, O God, is your constant love! We find protection under the shadow of your wings. We feast on the abundant food you provide; you let us drink from the river of your goodness. You are the source of all life, and because of your light we see the light.” Psalm 36: 7-9 GNT

Imagine your world without light. Getting up each day to total darkness. Never seeing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Never watching the enduring crocus push its way up through the cold snow in the Spring. Picture your life without the lush green meadows of the Summer, the trees dropping their colourful leaves in the fall, or the echoing song of the robin in the early spring.

Each of these rich moments of life that we take for granted are all part of a world that displays light. We would not know of any of these things in the total absence of light. The light gives life to the things we enjoy day in and day out. This light that we see is because our God is light. There is no darkness in Him. Because of His light, we see all of the things that surround us that reveal that light is at work in the earth. As True light, He is the source of life. He shows up and things live. He is displayed and the green meadows flourish. Have you ever considered this? Everything in nature reveals God. He is not hidden, He is all around you. He is painting you a picture of life continually, do you notice?

But even beyond this, He reveals to us a constant love as well. As if, painting the skies with His glory is not enough, He reveals a constant and precious love. A love that is rare and costly, a love that should not be taken for granted but received with the utmost respect and worth that it deserves. This love protects and provides for me, day in and day out, all that I will ever need to be safe and cared for. It is not a false safety but a sure place of safety to all who will take refuge in Him. You see, I can tell you a storm is coming and to come into my house to get out of the storm, but you are only as safe as the ability of my house to protect you. Should the winds be stronger than my home, then your safety is compromised. However, God’s promise of safety is not based upon the severity of the storm. His promise of safety is a sure thing to anyone who comes under His arm of protection. While safe, they are also provided for. Nothing will be lacking to the man or woman who truly makes God their refuge.

Why do we seek life in the places that life cannot be found? There is no light without Him. Only darkness. He is the source of all light and because of Him, you and I get to see light. We get to experience true safety, we are provided for, and receive all that comes with being hidden in Him.

Today I am grateful that God is light. I cannot imagine my life in the absence of light. I confess that I have taken this light for granted and many times have not seen life when life was blooming all around me. My failure to see life, and light has been my failure to see God, for He is life and true light. May I have the ability to see Him in places I have not even looked for Him from this day on. Thank you God for your enduring Word which is life.


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    Karen says:

    I too am grateful for His light in ALL aspects of my life each day. But I must comment on your choice to omit winter from the “light giving” seasons.

    It is in the colder times that this light also brings a WARMTH that is displayed in greater contrast.

    It is with the ice and snow present that light is even more REFLECTIVE.

    Winter is the season where darkness “seems” to dominate, but the light pierces it with its POWER.

    In no other season is the contrast between light and darkness so obvious, so distinct, so BEAUTIFUL. From the exposed trunks of the birch trees silloetted against the blue twilight sky; to the horizon of an ice and snow covered lake meeting the fushia sunset…….the “light of winter” will be forever in my memory as the most glorious expressions of His Light!!!! In my humble opinion……

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      Pat McRae says:

      Hi Karen, I noticed her omission of winter also and had to agree that I am glad to of omitted it from my experiences this year. I love your description it does give a warm glow to a very cold season, and you are correct both Pastor Freda and I will have to try harder to see the glorious light in winter. I think the Holy Spirit has a real challenge in this one though

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    Pat McRae says:

    This is quite a Psalm. It amazes me how David uses creation to describe the attributes of God. As I read the first verses they broke my heart for the martyrs around the world. For indeed someone must lay on their bed at night and allow the enemy full access to rule and reign in their minds. It is the only way they can get up the next day just to destroy good. But David only mentions evil so he can contrast all the more powerfully God’s love and goodness to His chosen.
    I think David was sitting on my porch when he penned verses 5 and 6. Mercy found in the beautiful blue skies above, faithfulness found always in the huge white fluffy clouds that float above us. And how His righteousness stands strong and true like the mountains before me. His judgments are as deep as the deep blue ocean that stretches out to the horizon. As he meditates on all these marvellous attributes he is once again reminded how precious God’s love is, like a rare and precious jewel. Not easily found and understood but when secured and explored so wonderful! David reminds us that it is this love that allows us to trust and desire to hide under the wings of Love. David continues his praise for God’s abundance to His children. As a good host, God places nothing but the best of the best before us to enjoy. David is really on a roll now!! My spirit is already soaring, rejoicing in the God who created the heavens and the earth, Who loves little me and protects and provides the best for me! David has more!!!! Now I am drinking from the rivers of His delight and pleasure. What could those pleasures be? Can you see Him watching us smiling at our joy, so happy to see us enjoying what He delights in. Maybe He just gave us a sweet taste of joy unspeakable so full of grace, or could it be He sent mercy and grace chasing us and heard our thrilling screams as we received yet another one of His pleasures? I don’t know! Will I kneel at the river and lap its pleasures or will I dive in enjoying every sip of pure pleasure? Just to get out and go to the fountain where I find refreshing and my source of life.
    Today I am thankful for His light! As I stand in Jesus Christ today I stand in the light of this world. The darkness is deep and terrifying but in His light the darkness flees. Jesus’ light also brings the light of understanding to me. I love and am so thankful when He turns a light bulb of understanding on for me. I am not sure if the angels rejoice with me or laugh hardly at the little one who just understood she has something wonderful or that she is something amazing!
    I am thankful for this whole Psalm for it stirred emotions and thoughts about my brothers and sisters around the world who must endure such horrible crimes against them for the Name of Jesus. It stirred a sorrow for the one who must follow orders. He wants to save his flesh not realizing he is losing his soul for all eternity. Sorrow for the one who wakes in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, knowing what he did was wrong but not knowing how to find the Comforter. It stirred praise to a God who chose me and loves me more then my mind can comprehend. It stirred thanksgiving for all He has provided for me, health, protection, provision, life, refreshing and light. I am thankful that to those who know Him, His loving kindness and righteousness continue always. I am thankful I am able to stand against the pride of the enemy that yells, “So where is your God today?” knowing He is where He has always been. Seated on His throne, fulfilling His plans and purposes in His timing. Yes someday very soon the workers of evil will be thrown down and will not rise up,again! Hallelujah!!
    I am thankful for the hope of eternity!

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    Jim Holmes says:

    “How precious, O God, is your constant love! We find protection under the shadow of your wings. We feast on the abundant food you provide; you let us drink from the river of your goodness. You are the source of all life, and because of your light we see the light.” Psalm 36: 7-9 GNT

    The scriptures tell us that God is “love” and God is “light”. In Him is no darkness. He is clothed with light. In fact, he is brighter than the sun. Where he is, darkness flees. God is unchanging in His love for you. There is protection under His wing because darkness cannot overcome the light. We are directed to walk in the light as He is in the light. For anyone reading this, my testimony to you is that His love is real, and that He indeed is the Light of the world. Do you know that you are loved? Did you know that you can escape the darkness? Did you know that “to know Him is eternal Life”? Did you know that He is watching over you.
    God provides for all our needs. He loves, protects, shelters, feeds, waters, leads (gives light to show us the Way). God is faithful (constant) and He is good. Taste and see that the Lord is (indeed) good. Experience and know Life in “the Resurrection and the Life”.
    Because of God’s light, we see the light. The Bible is a supernatural book. And really, it is naturally supernatural. It is a book that is spiritually discerned and no man can know it except by revelation that comes from God, made alive by the Spirit of God. The gospel is foolishness to the world because it cannot see because of the darkness. Fear of exposure and love of darkness even drives it to extinguish the little light it has. However, there is no fear in love. God so loved the world, that He gave us His Son…Jesus. He is the Light of the World. We have seen a great Light.
    It is in His light, that we see light. The scriptures say that “the word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path”. The very words that Jesus spoke, they are spirit and they are life. The words that we read are quickened by the Spirit of God, putting clothing on what was invisible, giving discernment and confirming the word and reality of God…and Jesus His only Son. Let me share with you this picture. It always is such a good illustration of how the Spirit of God reveals the word to our hearts… Imagine your heart once dark and you could not see. You want to know Truth. You are hungry for reality, Life….. and you can’t find the Way. You heard about Jesus, how He died for you, who took your penalty of sin and nailed it to the cross,…making you acceptable to God, forgiven of your sin (iniquity)…bringing you into a loving relationship with God. How do you know this? It is the Spirit of God who is like a “flood lamp” in the darkness of your heart , shines upon the cross, revealing the cross, giving revelation knowledge of God’s love for you. The Spirit of God “points to Jesus”. In His light, we see light. To know Jesus is eternal Life.
    Sometimes, it can seem that things are too far removed from us to know anything regarding spiritual reality. We live in a real world and real life experiences, our testimonies, can be so encouraging to another, so I’ll share this with you also. I was sitting at the piano in our church and our pastor was speaking and there was some singing, worshiping God…and I saw from a distance behind, to one side of me, an intense light, a tangible Presence, radiating, from a defined spot close to our pastor. One cannot dismiss or forget experiences like this. Like a warm embrace and confirmation of the love of God, and His watching over us, His peace…all bring the assurance of His mercy and goodness towards us, toward you who might be reading this, and do not know Him…that when you seek Him, you will find Him.
    One last thought. The amount of light that we see with our physical eyes is so very small. Our eye gathers light over a tiny, tiny area…over the size of the lens in our eye. How much more light there is to see if we had bigger eyes. Moreover, we see a tiny spectrum of light, light spread over what we call the visible region. There is the invisible region of light…gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, inferred region, radio waves, gravitational, etc…. We need special equipment to look beyond what the natural eye can see. It is with awe that we stare into this realm with new revelation of the world, the heavens surrounding us. Heb.11:3 says this: “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” There are spiritual laws, which supersede and uphold the physical. Just as much as we need physical light to see the physical, we need spiritual insight to know God. Heb.1:1,2 speaks of God in times past speaking by the prophets, but has spoken in these last days, by His Son. Thank you God for the Light of the world. God bless you.

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      Susan Craig says:

      Thank you for sharing your physics knowledge with us-it did bring alot more understanding to me about the characteristics of light and how as humans we really only see in part because we cannot even see and comprehend all the properties and expanse that light actually exists in. I really got a much better understanding of God’s ability and of my incomplete knowledge of such an important part of our existance-Light is indeed a very complex subject. 🙂

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    Susan Craig says:

    These verses today present 3 attributes of God-His LOVE,LIGHT and LIfe. They are all connected and overwhelming when I look at these word and try to adequately describe them. The psalmist tries to use words to portray what they mean to him but I honestly believe he is just scratching on the surface of what these words fully mean. I will write of what I noticed in these verses that the psalmist wrote about the practical aspects of God that are evidence that He is both LOVE,LIGHT and LIGHT. Starting at the last sentence in verse 6,the words/themes are as follows!
    1) God PRESERVES man and beasts
    2) God’s love is PRECIOUS/PRICELESS in that it is unfailing
    3) God PROTECTS us in the shadow of His wings
    4)God PROVIDES abundantly for us from His resources-the refreshment from His river not only satisfies but delights us.
    5)God’s LOVE is the source of POWER that PRODUCES the LIGHT and the LIFE.
    In my limited understanding of these concepts/attributes of God, I see Him as being true unlimited Love that shares His Life and Light with His creation. He is LIFE,LIGHT and LOVE. Being the ultimate source of these qualities, He shares these with us-His creation. The life,light and love we experience not only comes from Him but is abundant,unfailing,always accessible,effective,unending, and ultimately enables us to partake of His Divine Nature.
    The fact that He IS these qualities and wants to share, not just these qualities but in actuality HIMSELF with us is incomprehensible to my human mind. No wonder the bible says that we only know in part. Because if we really knew in full,I do not think our human minds could begine to cope with all God is!!!
    Today I thank the Lord that He is Love,Light and Light. I also thank Him that He has been so willing to share Himself with His creation. Thanking Him that these qualities and so many more were fully manifest in His Son Jesus Christ. Because He is Love,we love. Because He is Life,we live. Because He is Light,we shine. Thank you Lord that someday we will know in full as we are fully known by You. Thank you for your preservation,provision,protection,power,precious love towards us that humbles us because we know we do not deserve these blessings. Help us to always remember that anything good in this world comes only from You and thank you for your abundant supply of mercy and grace to this sinner. All that is good in me has come from You Lord. Use this unworthy ‘cracked pot’ to shine your light and love to those outside your kingdom that they might see and receive the abundant life that comes from you.

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    Sue Holmes says:

    With eyes closed, shut in with darkness, there can be an overwhelming sense of being lost & alone in a space with no boundaries. No places of safety to run to. No assurance of where to place your next step. No colour, no shapes, nothing.
    Then comes that moment when God, through the Holy Spirit, reaches into our darkness and light starts to filter in.
    I love the way this is expressed in The Message, “You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light.” What a picture of God’s presence flooding over us in the form of light. Like someone standing on a ledge as the water falls around & over us, covering us completely in a gentle spray. Then we dare open our eyes and can hardly take in the beauty of God all around us.
    Verse 7 sheds light on something we could never see in the darkness … safety. This safety is found “under the shadow of Your wings”. It reminds me of Jesus’ lament over Jerusalem, “How often would I have gathered your children together as a mother fowl gathers her brood under her wings,”. I don’t think we could be any closer to God than ‘under His wings”. I find this amazing that the creator of the universe wants me that close to Him. And the reality is that this is the only true place of safety.
    And what is waiting so close to God? Provision in abundance. We eat from the abundant food He has provided and drink from His river of goodness. This speaks to me of so much more than mere physical food & drink that provides a temporary satisfaction. He is offering a taste of life eternal. He is offering us Himself.
    No wonder the Psalmist called God’s Love exquisite (Message) & precious (GNT). I am thankful to be able to partake of that precious, exquisite Love. I am thankful for the opportunity to gather so close to the One who gave everything for me. I, too, have spent too much time with my eyes closed when there was so much available to me. I am thankful for His forgiveness & patience with me. He is amazing Love & Light.

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      Susan Craig says:

      The following words of Amazing Grace came to me as I read this Sue-I once was lost but now am found was blind but now I see. Blindness means living in darkness-how beautiful to be able to see-light but also all the colors of God’s rainbow. Seeing the Light is a truely eye opening experience that you describe so lovely in your comments. 🙂

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