Day 48 – 2 Peter 1:3-4

“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”
2 Peter 1:3-4 NIV

We have not been left with our own power and strength to make it on this journey. Yet, so often we forget the power that is available to us to press through every situation in life.
When I consider these verses, there is no limitation on what is available. There is clear indication that everything you or I need that pertains to a godly life is available. This provision is part of the great and precious promises in Christ.
This tells me that when an opportunity for offense comes, I have been given what I need to not take the bait. It tells me that when temptation to sin is calling upon my heart, that there is no temptation that can seize me, but that which is common to man, and God has provided a way of escape. I do not have to give in. I have what I need because I have a new DNA. I have the divine nature of the Almighty pumping through my veins.
You mean, I do not have to become bitter just because I have been hurt? If you want to be a man or woman of God bitterness is not an option. To the man relying on his own strength bitterness, resentment, anger, and all sorts of carnal responses will overflow. But to the person leaning into the divine nature, they draw upon what they need for a godly life. They forsake bitterness, resentment, anger, and the carnal responses, and say, “only the way of the cross for me.”
Whatever you or I are confronted with today, we have what we need. We don’t need more despite what the masses will tell you. What more could you ever look for than the Almighty God dwelling in you and giving you the power to live a life where love wins?

Today, I am grateful for the new nature. I am thankful that I have a new DNA and that I am not who I was, but because of this new nature everything I need to live and walk differently has been given to me. I thank God for the reminder that this is about a mind shift not a position shift. May my thinking line up with Truth. May my actions then reveal that Truth has prevailed in this life.


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    Susan Craig says:

    Thank you Freda for this very timely reminder. I have been running on fumes this week and desperately needed to be reminded of this very verse-one I know by heart and yet have just this week forgotten it’s significance for me. The Lord’s Prayer ends with ‘Thine is the kingdom,the POWER and the glory,forever and ever AMEN. Thine is the power-His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life-His power-not mine. How I could forget the significance of that truth in just a few days is mind boggling to me-I know this-I have claimed this and yet I forgot it as quickly as that??? It amazes me that God has the patience to put up with all my failings and forgetfulness-it also amazes me that just as quicly as I forgot,He sends this reminder to me today!!! God is so good and does give us just what we need to live a godly life in Him. I have been frazzled and all over the place with my thoughts and emotions these days-part of that is due to being overtired and stressed and feeling like I can’t begin to keep up with all that is needing to be done-the demands on my time,energy and strength are enormous these days. I have 6 men now to look after and clean up behind along with several pets, and I have had a wisdom tooth that is causing me pain and preventing me from sleeping well, plus ongoing health issues with my Dad in Cape Breton, and a close friend going through a major family crisis…… You can get the picture. So much chaos all around me, and my mind going in too many directions at the same time. This morning, I have had to stop and spend needed time in prayer and reflection-needing to recharge my batteries when this verse spoke to me and reminded me that God has the power I need to do just that. All I need to do is rest in Him and He will renew me and recharge me with His power-with not only a sufficient supply but an overflowing supply of power that comes from His glory and His goodness-His-not mine. He has all I need and He will give me all I need as I trust in His promises and participate in His divine nature. Focus not on me-focus not on the problems-Focus on His glory and goodness. Focus not on my inability but on His ability to provide. Focus not on my weakness but on His power and strength. Fill me this day Lord with your power and strength from Your vast supply of glory and goodness. Thank you for your promises found in your word. Help me claim this promise today, that I may not only know but trust in the knowlege that You will provide all I need to live a godly life. I may not fully understand the concept of participating in Your divine nature yet,but I am trusting that You will lead me into knowlege and understanding of that truth because I believe your word is truth and if the word says it, it must be true. Forgive my forgetfulness Lord and remind me of your truth and power and promises so that I will walk in them every minute of every day of my life. Thank you Lord for Your reminder today!! You truely are all I need!!!! 🙂

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    Pat McRae says:

    Isn’t God so good to us! He just keeps reminding us that He has done it all. Yesterday I believe was a day that God proved these verses and His promises to me. I would like to take you on a trip through yesterday, my yesterday, and you can judge. 🙂
    I woke up and God was already talking. He showed me something like a spiderweb and said it was holding me back. He has been talking to me lately about soul ties, and that I need to break them. In breaking them I will set me free and I will set the others free also. We all will be able to move forward when it is done. I got up and went on with my devotional time, as I was not sure how one goes about breaking soul ties, but knowing I needed to figure it out. I started with Gratitude 50 verses for the day, and as I was pondering it, God directed me to read my declarations and really encouraged me to look at the papers Prophet Andrew has been giving out on Tuesday evenings at Bible Study. A week ago Tuesday we received a sheet called ‘Renouncing’ and the last verse on that page read: ‘I renounce all ungodly covenants, oaths and vows made by myself or my ancestors in the name of Jesus.’ So I made my declaration and decree, naming those I know and felt as I released myself and those named, we all would now be able to move forward with God. I then went back to ponder Gratitude 50 and God asked if I would be willing to have ‘no reputation’? Would I? Could I put ‘pride’ aside, humble myself and be of no reputation? Wow God! Help me here! Ok big breath, on Tuesday You said I can walk in confidence and You sent Your anointing in that service, so Your people would start to walk in confidence, hum, alright God with You I can do it. So I did my second declare and decree of the day, renouncing pride and declaring I will walk humbly without seeking a reputation. Secret: God has some work to do here but He promises to finish what He starts, can’t wait to see the new me! In the cacoon, butterfly soon appearing! 🙂
    Well I was having a great morning, Gratitude 50 finished and submitted, two declares and decrees proclaimed and it was only 9:30am! Now it was time to go to the sanctuary for all day prayer. I blasted my music as praise and worship keeps me in His presences and really doesn’t allow the enemy to occupy my thoughts. It was a hard time in prayer, like a heaviness and no rhyme to motivate. I knew there was a war going on in the heavenlies but I just couldn’t dial in the channel so I could participate in it. By noon I just went to my knees and it was there I felt God said, “get up and war!” So up I got and I went to warfare, others joined in but all to soon they had to go. 🙁 my first thought was,’Well that didn’t go as planned God!” but maybe it did. You know God, He takes everything and uses it for our good. Now I was angry at the enemy, really angry, so my war faring went up a few notches. I continued in warfare until the tears stopped and the anger at the enemy subsided to a low roar. I went once again to wait on God. I really am not a good waiter, but God knows this and is working it to greater lengths in small increases at a time. So very soon I had this thought, ‘If I am seated in heavenly places, and I am high above principalities and powers and rulers of darkness, why am I pulling them down? Are they not under my feet? As I wondered about this I was reminded that the fiery darts of the enemy, when they hit my shield of faith just fall to the ground and I step on them with my shoes of peace. Ok God! And then I saw a worm wiggling. That hymn we sing about being a worm came to mind. This hymn always has bothered me and I always thought it was because I was to prideful. But God, he showed me that the enemy has made the church feel like worms in God’s sight because he, Satan, knows that is exactly who he is! Well I was off and racing! The thought ‘who do you think you are’ his question to himself. ‘You can’t do that’, his statement to himself. Oh I could go on and on, but do you see it? Every negative thing we think about ourselves is planted by Satan in our thoughts because he wants us to think like him. What God has to say about us in His Word is exactly opposite and enemy’s thoughts. Try one he uses on you and see if it doesn’t describe the enemy to a tee! Of course to be safe and not out on left field I messaged Prophet Andrew and asked him if I was on to something, and he confirmed it was so. Another one of the enemy’s lies, ‘you don’t have the truth’ when really it is he who is the liar and the father of lies.
    So needles to say when 3pm came and I came home I was flying high with Jesus. But God, had one more surprise in His box yesterday for me! 🙂 I went to our ladies anointing meeting in the evening. I was expecting the leaders to be anointed, but,
    SURPRISE! God anointed us all with more of His love so we can love Him more and in turn love others in a greater dimension. Now I think you have to agree I had my cake with lots of icing and the fork to eat it with 🙂 But God, wanted me to have some ice cream to go with it, so He allowed me the awesome privilege of standing beside Sister Clarke and anointing and praying for each lady as they came for prayer to receive His wonderful love in a greater dimension.
    Today I am thankful that God’s Word is active and alive in our lives. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit is always teaching us God’s Word in ways that make it ‘Revelation’ knowledge to our souls. I am thankful that God has deposited in me ALL I need to live a godly life and that ALL His promises are Yes and Amen!
    Thank You Jesus, for providing a way for me to have my Daddy’s divine nature, and also an escape route from the lusts of this world.
    God is soooooo goooooood to me!! 🙂

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